Telehealth Visit

How to schedule a telehealth visit for your child. Kindly be sure the details you are entering belongs to your child.

1. Go to

2. Click pre-register on the bottom right of the page.

3. Enter all required information.

4. Check your email approximately 5 mins after completing step 3 as you will reveive an email from Pediatric Associates of Westfield and click on “portal link”

5. Once redirected to the portal’s main page, select “login to your account using mobile number” and enter the details.

6. Validate your account by entering your child’s date of birth and follow the steps to create a password.

7. Agree to the consent.

8. On the dashboard, select new appointment and enter the details.

9. In approximately 5 mins, you will receive a message confirming that your appointment request has been successful.

10. You will then receive a text and/or email with the appointment details or you can view the appointment from accessing “appointments>upcoming appointments” in the portal dashboard.

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