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Pediatric Associates of Westfield, NJ, was established in 1995.

Pediatric Associates of Westfield, NJ, was established in 1995.

Our History

Pediatric Associates of Westfield first opened its doors in Mountainside, NJ, in the spring of 1995 and our practice grew quickly! By summer of 1998, we knew we needed more room and settled in to our current office at 566 Westfield Avenue. In April of 2015, we acquired Cranford Pediatrics and expanded our services to that location. Through all these years and all our exciting changes, one thing is constant: Our goal of providing excellent care and personal service in a child-friendly environment. What does this mean for you?

Excellent Care

Our medical staff has the training, certification, and experience necessary to insure that our patients receive high quality care.

We love seeing our patients at well visits from newborn checks in the hospital through college physicals and beyond! We strive to provide the most appropriate advice for parents of children of all ages, based on our training, experience as physicians and parents, and our relationship with you and your child.

When your child is sick, we will evaluate him/her by identifying symptoms and performing physical examination. Some children require laboratory tests. Most lab tests, including the tests for strep throat, urinalysis, and blood cell counts, are performed right in our office. We are fortunate to have the latest in radiology just up the street at Westfield Imaging Center located on Elm Street. X-ray evaluation could not be more convenient.

Our physicians have developed great relationships with the pediatric specialists here in town. Sometimes we send our patients to specialists who have a private practice in the community. Other times we call on the specialists at Goryeb Children’s Hospital at Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ. Since our physicians have practiced in this community for many years and trained at Goryeb Children’s Hospital, we communicate often with some of the brightest pediatric specialists in the state.


We Will

  • Track your child’s growth and development
  • Administer recommended immunizations
  • Promote healthy choices for illness and disease prevention
  • Provide pre-operative clearance
  • Offer a same-day appointment for sick children
  • Manage and coordinate care for chronic conditions
  • Offer Saturday appointments, both sick and well child care visits
  • Athletic exams
  • Provide free prenatal visits with Dr. Nicole Panza and Dr. Robert Panza
  • Have separate waiting areas for healthy and sick children
  • Provide Travel Medicine recommendations

Personal Service

At Pediatric Associates of Westfield, we believe in personal service. Our small office and limited staff size helps us get to know our patients in a special way. You are always welcome to call and schedule an appointment for ANY REASON. We are happy to see you for small or large problems.

However, sometimes you might not be sure whether you need to come in. We are happy to help you decide. During office hours, a member of our nursing staff provides telephone advice from our office and can either offer advice or schedule you for a visit. Our nurses are in close contact with the physicians throughout the day and often touch base with us about patient concerns.

We also believe that when your child is sick, you should be able to come in and have him/her examined and evaluated that same day. Each day we offer a walk-in hour from 8:30 AM to 9:15 AM, Monday through Friday when any patient can be seen without an appointment. Also, we plan each day carefully so that we have room to fit in everyone who calls for an appointment! In addition, there is always a doctor on call after hours for questions and concerns. The answering service will page the doctor to call you back immediately.

While we appreciate patients arriving on time for appointments and canceling within a reasonable amount of time, we do not believe in charging parents late fees and missed appointment fees. We try to be flexible and understanding of our patients’ busy schedules and accommodate you as best we can. We also do not charge any fee for weekend appointments.

Finally, we try to keep our parents up to date on current events, interesting news articles about parenting or new research findings about child health and development via our Pediatric Associates of Westfield Facebook page, which is frequently updated by the doctors.

Your Visits

During regularly scheduled well child care visits, we will:

  • Track your child’s growth and development.
  • Administer recommended immunizations.
  • Promote healthy choices for illness and disease prevention.
  • Answer any questions you might have.
  • Provide pre-operative clearance.

When your child is ill, we will:

  • Offer a same-day appointment.
  • Perform a careful and thorough assessment of the problem.
  • Manage and coordinate care for chronic conditions.

Get In Touch

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